Hi! A LOT has been going on over here at Levesque Photography and if you follow us on social media (you do, right?) then you probably already have an idea of what I am talking about. 



I, the Catt of LP, have teamed up with Allison, my childhood best friend of 22 years (who's counting?), and created Socialfare. What does Socialfare do, you ask? We tell everyone on social media how much you tipped your taxi cab driver... just kidding. Not that kind of fare. I'm talking about the food kind of fare! We offer Social Media Management and Food Photography to locally-owned restaurants and food-related businesses in Richmond, VA. 


Aren't we cute? We have come a long way from bad haircuts and my Angelica Pickles pants of the 90's. Those pictures will stay buried.

Anyway, I am so excited about this and believe this is a unique service we can provide Richmond. We want to really take the weight off of overwhelmed shoulders and provide the quality social media content that local businesses thrive off of these days. 

You can follow along with us on our adventure on Instagram (@socialfare) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/socialfarerva) or Twitter (@socialfarerva).

If you're interested in seeing all the yummy food I have been hanging out with the past few months and trying not to eat, click here for my portfolio!

I'll be posting here regularly about what we are up to whether it is food or portraits! Yes, my dear faithful clients, we are still shooting portraits. Never fear!